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Intruders Alarm Solutions

The majority of people are concerned with their safety, no matter if we are talking about their personal apartment or the places where they work, shop or relax.

The anti-burglary systems aim to protect the entrances of a building and discourage the attempts of unauthorized intrusion. The positioning of the elements part of an anti-burglary system is being made taking into consideration the type, shape and positioning of the unit meant to be protected and the requests of the beneficiary. The protected space is divided into areas. Therefore, the activation and deactivation can be made for the whole system or only on certain areas, case in which we are dealing with a zone-divided system. The activation and deactivation of the system can be made by introducing a code on a keypad or through a wireless remote control. The system provides the possibility of memorizing and future consulting of the events that have taken place during a person's absence.

The warning in case of alarm can be made locally, through sirens or by telephone to a central monitoring station phone line of a specialized company for quick intervention.

The system can include:


  • the central station on which a software program is installed;
  • movement detectors for the inside and outside, with the possibility of sensibility adjustment;
  • glass break detectors;
  • shock detectors with sensibility adjustment;
  • magnetic contacts;
  • keypad for activation and deactivation;
  • peripheral modules (amplifiers, expansion modules, multiplexers, interfaces);
  • audio, optical warning systems;
  • distance warning devices (dialers, connecting interface to the surveillance dispatching).



During the elaborating process, other complementary security systems are being taken into consideration: fire alarm systems, interphones and video interphones, CCTV video surveillance systems.

The open design concept allows future upgrades and a flexible accommodation to changes further made in the application. The optimum price-quality relation, the software applications and the operational maintenance ensure your investment's protection.



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