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Access Control Solutions

In case you want to own the control over the access in your building, to restrict it, or only to keep the evidence of the persons that have access in certain locations, you can contact ARVO GROUP.

The access control system can act locally (allowing the access to more users, after an established program) or in a network (allowing the correlation of information, so that the users can access pre-established routes after established programs).

To all these specialized attendance programs that take over the information from the access control system and create various attendance reports, graphics, periodical analysis, exports of data for salary calculations.

The access control can be done with the help of:

  • a central station for access control that allows events' and codes' memorizing (maximum 10000 events without the need of downloading them on the PC);
  • peripheral units that communicate with the central station;
  • access-control interfaces;
  • peripheral devices for reading information:
    • a keypad used for introducing a code (stand-alone);
    • magnetic or bar code readers (stand-alone/ in a system);
    • proximity readers (in a system);
  • a software acting as an interface between the user and the interface. It configures the whole system, develops reports for attendance and events.

ARVO integrates in the system, at clients' request, other components for more safety, such as: anti-burglary and fire alarms systems, CCTV video surveillance systems, all in excellent quality conditions and at attractive costs.

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